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Transport Canada Rebates

The ecoAUTO Program has released its application forms for rebate payments:

Canadian drivers are looking to lower their fuel bills. The ecoAUTO Rebate Program gives them a good way to do it!

As part of the Government of Canada’s plan to protect the environment, the ecoAUTO Rebate Program encourages Canadians to buy fuel-efficient vehicles. How? It offers rebates from $1000 to $2000, to people who, beginning March 20, 2007, buy or enter a long-term lease (12 months or more) for a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Check it.


There can only be one


The summer season, warm and inviting, is usually a good opportunity for cyclists of all ages to pedal their bicycles as much as possible before the arrival of winter. I see people of all ages pedal for all their worth down sidewalks, hiking paths, dirt roads…paved roads…major traffic arteries…. Where was I? Ah, yes, summer is the season of sharing! When drivers acknowledge that even cyclists have a right to the road by showing courtesy and sharing the road with them. But, deep down, in the hearts and minds of those who traverse treacherous roads of urban sprawl, rests the vicious truth: There can only be one.


Imagine yourself driving down a road with a cyclist in your path. What do you do? You certainly did not buy a car and pay for the gas in the tank to crawl behind this man powered vehicle, did you? You would probably try to give the cyclist a wide berth and pass him, right? Remember those signs scattered across the city to remind you to be courteous? To share the road with cyclists? What does courtesy mean anyway? Now that you think about it, what courtesy has a cyclist ever shown you? They jaywalk on their bicycles, shoot out of no where when you’re performing a right turn on a red light, and they’re slowing you down at this very moment in your mind! But, it only takes a few good people to make a few mistakes to cause a tragedy on the road.


Consider the most obvious of physical differences between a motor vehicle and a person on a bicycle. A compact car’s weight can be around 2500 lbs, while a full sized truck can weigh over 4000 lbs. On the other hand, a person on a bicycle tops out at 500 lbs – and that is only if this person is big boned or they’re riding on a bicycle from the set of the Flintstones. There is no contest between a bicycle and a car. Should a vehicle ever collide with a bicycle it is likely that the cyclist alone will be seriously injured. In addition to this probable severity of injury that a cyclist bears on the road, let us not forget one serious flaw all humans possess: Change blindness. Clearly, the cyclist – of noble breed, only wishing to save the environment while keeping fit – is at a disadvantage while sharing the road with cars.


So what’s the solution? Just follow these easy steps: Read the traffic rules, follow them, and return home safe without killing anyone. If people can no longer respect the traffic rules and those cute courtesy signs, traffic calming, or whatever rat’s maze some engineer can think of, will not be worth the trouble of building.


So, before you turn that ignition, remember the mission: No more blood on the streets.

On the Road

You know the Gateway Blvd, Calgary Trail, 23 Ave intersection? The main traffic artery that leads into the heart of the city? I just realised why that intersection is in such disrepair! You see, the reason is that the people who are responsible for maintaining that intersection died in the potholes and cracks of the road!

You didn’t hear it from me, but word is that drivers who bump and shake through that intersection can sometimes see corpses of engineers jump out from the cracks! Can you imagine!? While they were hastily planning the construction of the artery, they didn’t realise that they were being built into it themselves! May their souls rest in peace…those sorry bastards.

My Eyes!

Hot Chicks with Douchebags, a blog written by Douchebag1, is all about “pictures of hot chicks with total and complete douchebags.” Essentially, a bunch of creepers troll the internet for images of hot couples so they can express their glorious jealousy. It’s hard to understand some of the posts (well, you understand that feeling well enough if you actually try to read my blog), but I think the comments are hysterical.

Samsung SyncMaster 205 BW

Once upon a time, I was in the market for a flat panel monitor to replace my aging CRT. I invested some of my time reading reviews of the many different models and decided to purchase a Samsung SyncMaster 205 BW. I reasoned that the competition between flat panel monitor manufacturers were such that the quality of the models currently available would be more than adequate for my needs. I was not a ‘hardcore’ gamer or a graphics professional so my needs were not particularly demanding.

I enjoyed the 20 inch panel monitor very much. But, a month later, something very unexpected began to take place; the monitor began to ‘sag’. At first, it appeared that someone simply tilted it downwards ever so slightly. But, as time passed, the monitor leaned so far forward that it was obvious the ‘spine’ of the monitor had failed. I looked at the piece involved and it appeared to be made of a metal material. It seemed that a great deal of force was required to break this piece and I had trouble imagining the circumstances which would cause such a break to occur.

A quick call to the store from which I purchased my Samsung revealed that my monitor suffered a defect and that others who purchased the same model were suffering the same spine problem. In fact, according to the store staff, the first person to report the problem was initially suspected of causing the damage himself! I understood that the metal piece must have appeared to be very strong, but that simply was not the case. It must have been frustrating for that man.

I promptly attempted to Google flat panel monitor reviews for any mention of spine or hinge or platform related problems and came up empty handed. Each online reviewer focused on the visual quality of the monitors and made no consideration to the platform upon which it is based. So, the next time I look for another flat panel monitor, I’ll ask if the monitor platform suffers any defects and avoid platforms which seem too complicated and delicate.

Of course, after I dropped my monitor off for the manufacturer’s warranty, the fam and I began a good , ol’ fashioned fist shaking ritual:

You know, they sure don’t make ’em like they used to. You’d never suffer a problem like this with a CRT monitor. Look at mine! 5 years old! It’s still goin’ strong! It may be the size of a microwave oven and even cooks like one! But it works! A spine problem? Oooooh Lordy! Maybe tomorra my mice will start comp’aining ’bout a lasy eye!

Lasy eye…AHAHAHAHA…I kill myself.


Found this while visiting

If you follow the link, a Google map loads up, but little bubble boxes come up with people’s chat texts.  I still don’t know what Twitter is all about because the webpage won’t load up at the moment.  I may give it another chance later.

Twittervision looks neat in action even though all of the message pop-ups seem to be chaotic echoes of multiple conversations from around the world.

“Card scam rips off 400 people”

Interesting article from the Edmonton Journal, but people have been hacking ATMs and card readers for a while now. Rather than merely relaying information about the scams and the dark, mysterious machinations of “the underground crime world,” maybe some information as to what is being done to address these issues should be placed front and center. What are businesses doing to address this recent discovery? What is their strategy to curb future scams? Can we apply lessons learned from other locations? Say Montreal? New York? Throw me a bone!

The former homicide detective said this is the fourth time in the past eight months he has seen such a fraud scheme carried out. To the untrained eye, he said, the PIN pad almost never looks as though it’s been tampered with.

Care to share the worldly knowledge with the rest of us?