Transport Canada Rebates

The ecoAUTO Program has released its application forms for rebate payments:

Canadian drivers are looking to lower their fuel bills. The ecoAUTO Rebate Program gives them a good way to do it!

As part of the Government of Canada’s plan to protect the environment, the ecoAUTO Rebate Program encourages Canadians to buy fuel-efficient vehicles. How? It offers rebates from $1000 to $2000, to people who, beginning March 20, 2007, buy or enter a long-term lease (12 months or more) for a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Check it.


2 responses to “Transport Canada Rebates

  1. Only crappy boring cars get a rebate! I don’t see a GT-R on that list!

  2. Yea, the eligible vehicles for the ecoAUTO rebate program are pretty tame. However, you could take the $1000-$2000 as a contribution for South African anti-theft devices for both the driver and passenger side doors.

    Of course, one could forgo the trouble of installing such fanciful devices by opening up the trunk to set up a portable chimney stack. Cut some good hickory and share the smell of flaming lumber with the neighbours! Hmmm….

    Should anyone qualify for the rebate, I suggest submitting the application form as soon as possible because there is no guarantee that an applicant will receive any monies. Also! The application form has just recently been provided through the ecoAUTO website. If one submits the form earlier, there is a better chance (in the abstract) to get that rebate money. You can bet blood that government motor vehicle fleets’ application forms are being rolled out like toilet paper so don’t wait too long.

    I may have missed it, but I do think it odd how there was no mention of the ecoAUTO rebate form release on the news….

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