I was having a shower when the hot water ran out on me. Alright, it’s all good, it’ll warm up soon, I thought. A moment passed…then another…and another. Soon moments transmogrified into what must have been minutes. Why!? Why now? Why me? It was at that moment when a clear thought emerged into my consciousness. I thought to myself ‘I choose to be happy’. Then it began.

At first, I smirked. Soon, my smirk became a full blown smile, and that smile became stifled giggles. What was going on? It’s strange to recall, but I wasn’t thinking of anything funny at all. In fact, I wasn’t thinking of anything! Nothing! Nadda! Zip! Help! Here’s a guy taking a cold shower, telling himself to be happy, and laughing for no particular reason. The image was so stupid I couldn’t help but laugh even more.

I know what you’re thinking. Some are already convinced that I am somewhat insane. Now, after laughing to myself, alone in a cold shower, I wondered if I really was a bit crazy. I took a good look in the mirror and saw myself beaming back a great big smile. Do other people laugh like that? It was then that I heard my brothers laughing, their attention fixed to a computer monitor. I guess so.

I’m just easily amused, that’s all. So what? If you haven’t laughed to yourself while taking a cold shower, you’re the one with the problem. Maybe my brothers had a better excuse, but I don’t need excuses! I’ll laugh in your face if I have to! Maybe I’ll laugh at you…rather than in your face…but you get the picture. I think I’ll just stop here.


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