Found this while visiting

If you follow the link, a Google map loads up, but little bubble boxes come up with people’s chat texts.  I still don’t know what Twitter is all about because the webpage won’t load up at the moment.  I may give it another chance later.

Twittervision looks neat in action even though all of the message pop-ups seem to be chaotic echoes of multiple conversations from around the world.


5 responses to “Twittervision

  1. Percy, I refer you to our good friend Matt Baldwin.

  2. Two weeks? Where you been, P?

  3. My head got clamped by a book, I twisted my ankle, and a whole load of stuff.

    As for my blog, I was playing with this idea for a story and held off posting. May the Muses help me if I start writing it.

  4. You twisted your ankle?? And no blog post about that?

  5. But I twisted my ankle!

    Alright, that’s not a good excuse, but the circumstances which led to my twisted ankle are lamer than I could have possibly imagined – until now, of course.

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