“Card scam rips off 400 people”

Interesting article from the Edmonton Journal, but people have been hacking ATMs and card readers for a while now. Rather than merely relaying information about the scams and the dark, mysterious machinations of “the underground crime world,” maybe some information as to what is being done to address these issues should be placed front and center. What are businesses doing to address this recent discovery? What is their strategy to curb future scams? Can we apply lessons learned from other locations? Say Montreal? New York? Throw me a bone!

The former homicide detective said this is the fourth time in the past eight months he has seen such a fraud scheme carried out. To the untrained eye, he said, the PIN pad almost never looks as though it’s been tampered with.

Care to share the worldly knowledge with the rest of us?


3 responses to ““Card scam rips off 400 people”

  1. I saw a special on “W5” about this very topic awhile back. One of their conclusions for as to why the major banks don’t upgrade their card encryption to a European-style stripe-and-microchip system is because it’s actually more cost effective for them to contend with lawsuits and settlements than to make any changes to the system.

    So much for the market adapting to the demands of the consumer.

  2. Doesn’t that mean we just have to sue them more often? And, the marketplace wins again!

  3. My concern is that our local newspaper is not generating enough attention to the matter. There’s a difference between merely relaying information to analyzing information. An elementary school student or a parrot is more than capable of passing along a message.

    This comment shouldn’t be interpreted as derogatory to Audette in any way, but, to the writers who parrot information too, too often:

    “A little less conversation, a little more action please”

    Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation

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