Good ‘Ol Days

My family often tells me that the younger days are always the good ones. You know, the days where there are no worries other than to study? Well…maybe not.

I suppose I can understand the carefree life of going to school, enjoying recess. What I am going through right now is pretty similar to my elementary school days. But, maybe the only difference is that, while I was in elementary school, I didn’t quite understand the world. The carefree life only seemed to exist because I didn’t appreciate all of it. Once malice was introduced, once I started to piece together my troubles…and my friends’ troubles, my ‘younger days’ were somewhat rougher – but not in a physical sense, of course. It was more like I woke up one day and people suddenly had agendas, backgrounds, histories even.

During my shorty days, the chains that bind each and every one of us became frightfully vivid. It was at that time I began to appreciate how the idea of freedom, that silly concept that was introduced to me at school, was not as straightforward as previously claimed.


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