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Found this while visiting

If you follow the link, a Google map loads up, but little bubble boxes come up with people’s chat texts.  I still don’t know what Twitter is all about because the webpage won’t load up at the moment.  I may give it another chance later.

Twittervision looks neat in action even though all of the message pop-ups seem to be chaotic echoes of multiple conversations from around the world.


“Card scam rips off 400 people”

Interesting article from the Edmonton Journal, but people have been hacking ATMs and card readers for a while now. Rather than merely relaying information about the scams and the dark, mysterious machinations of “the underground crime world,” maybe some information as to what is being done to address these issues should be placed front and center. What are businesses doing to address this recent discovery? What is their strategy to curb future scams? Can we apply lessons learned from other locations? Say Montreal? New York? Throw me a bone!

The former homicide detective said this is the fourth time in the past eight months he has seen such a fraud scheme carried out. To the untrained eye, he said, the PIN pad almost never looks as though it’s been tampered with.

Care to share the worldly knowledge with the rest of us?

Dates with Disaster

It may very well be due to the changing of the seasons, but my road experiences have been rather treacherous as of late. Two weeks ago I was nearly t-boned while crossing an intersection by two little old ladies, both of whom failed to notice that the light was still green for me. Hey, whatever, no hard feelings. It’s not everyday I get to contemplate becoming the victim of a car accident. A trip to the hospital, a visit with Death maybe…I couldn’t really imagine what else could happen after Death. PAIN? Gruesome, indiscriminate pain?

This week, a public transit bus tore a path into my lane. At first I thought this man must not be looking because, if he did, he would see that the bus was moving too close to my car for comfort. But, a careful examination of the driver revealed that he was indeed aware of my presence. He just seemed to have better things to do than care about driving safely. Last time it was just another vehicle, this time it’s a bus. What’s next? Ford F-150? MAC truck? Caterpillar? Exposed power line? Drive-by? Baby stroller??

What – have – I – gone – done – wrong?!

Good ‘Ol Days

My family often tells me that the younger days are always the good ones. You know, the days where there are no worries other than to study? Well…maybe not.

I suppose I can understand the carefree life of going to school, enjoying recess. What I am going through right now is pretty similar to my elementary school days. But, maybe the only difference is that, while I was in elementary school, I didn’t quite understand the world. The carefree life only seemed to exist because I didn’t appreciate all of it. Once malice was introduced, once I started to piece together my troubles…and my friends’ troubles, my ‘younger days’ were somewhat rougher – but not in a physical sense, of course. It was more like I woke up one day and people suddenly had agendas, backgrounds, histories even.

During my shorty days, the chains that bind each and every one of us became frightfully vivid. It was at that time I began to appreciate how the idea of freedom, that silly concept that was introduced to me at school, was not as straightforward as previously claimed.

The Meaning of Life

I woke up, concluded the meaning of life with as much certainty as human affairs can require, restored my bed to proper order, brushed my teeth, and walked out the door.  I now realise that I have forgotten my conclusion from this morning.  I’m doomed.

23 Minutes

Ah, 23 minutes of running…23 minutes of wonder. Sometimes I think of some crazy stuff while I push myself to my new limit. What? Like, what I’m doing on a treadmill, life, you know, that junk. Then it occurs to me how some things in this world can only be done by one person. How one person must decide to reach for new limits in order to maintain that fragile hold on what has come to be known as sanity. Then I realise I’m thinking about myself. That’s not so good. I don’t need sanity! I want to be a beast! A self-sustaining, self-motivating, auto-actualising monster of cold, terrifying consequences.

But I require other people to act as my standard.

OH GOD WHY AM I SO WEAK!?! So blessedly pathetic? SO HOT?

I’ll leave it at that.