Here is Windows Vista

Wow, finally the long awaited OS is about to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting public. I found a few articles which shared a few first impressions of Vista and one particular passage, written by Matthew Fordahl, caught my eye:

My installation took about an hour. After the software checked for updates, prompted me for a serial number and asked me to agree to the Windows user license, the installer ran without any need for input — a great improvement over previous Windows versions.

Problems arose when the PC came back to life. The beautiful visuals and inviting “Welcome Center” were covered up by error and warning messages detailing a number of incompatibilities.

There was no sound. A program that I use to synch data with a flash-memory drive wouldn’t work. The Internet-phone software Skype couldn’t find audio input or output. And I was told the control center for my ATI Radeon X1600 Pro graphics card “might” have an issue. There was no warning from Microsoft’s compatibility program that I ran before upgrading.



3 responses to “Here is Windows Vista

  1. Sounds like early experiences with Red Hat Linux. Although, as I recall, they were pretty definite about what wouldn’t work.

  2. To be straightforward to the public of what will and will not work is admirable, but it doesn’t help the image of the product. If Microsoft decided to inform the public that Vista would require a check all of the hardware of their PCs in expectation of compatibility issues, I’m pretty sure that would be one more pertinent reason not to buy and install Vista in the short term. I expect that this compatibility issue will be resolved soon, but that won’t change my decision to stay with Windows XP and Ubuntu. I don’t need the hassle of installing a new OS. The world is a busy place!

    If only Linux pulled a coup d’etat on the planet…then I wouldn’t have to care which gadgets work with which OS.

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