View Your Mind

I downloaded and installed View Your Mind for Ubuntu and am very impressed with the program. From the View Your Mind website:

VYM (View Your Mind) is a tool to generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts. Such maps can help you to improve your creativity and effectivity. You can use them for time management, to organize tasks, to get an overview over complex contexts, to sort your ideas etc.

Maps can be drawn by hand on paper or a flip chart and help to structure your thoughs. While a tree like structure like shown on this page can be drawn by hand or any drawing software vym offers much more features to work with such maps.

vym is not another drawing software, but a tool to store and modify information in an intuitive way. For example you can reorder parts of the map by pressing a key or add various information like a complete email by a simple mouse click.

Essentially it allows me to create spider diagrams on my computer. Simple? Yes. Shortly after I installed VYM, I found myself lost in thought while I began making spider diagram notes. I can export my maps in xhtml for easy presentation and viewing as well. I am pleased with my new find…and somewhat tired now. It’s as if I’ve come out of a reading binge trance.

Hurray for Linux! Perhaps it will be ported to Windows soon?


3 responses to “View Your Mind

  1. Reminds me a lot about Freemind (, which I use for my notes in class. Super handy and easy to use and reorganize notes.

    And available for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

  2. WordPress needs a preview feature.

  3. Freemind is tempting since it’s available for the other OS, but it’s bothersome how the program is not on a repository for Ubuntu. Too bad their export of map to html feature example bugged my Firefox. I’m not sure why Firefox didn’t like the example.

    I also fixed the VYM link on my post.

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