HD-DVD, Blu-Ray

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray were once presented as opposing sides vying for market dominance. But, with dual compatible players and discs expected to be released, the entire attempt to replace the DVD has evolved into an abortive mess. Thank goodness hard drive technology will address these losers with the 300TB hard drive. Even the solid state hard drives are a breath of fresh air compared to these cursed disc pushers who accost us with their silly notions of high definition video and improved capacity. A pox on both their houses! I’m waiting for my 300TB HD so I can set up massive backup servers of terrible consequences. These two warring camps can abdicate when I finally back myself up.


4 responses to “HD-DVD, Blu-Ray

  1. No doubt, though, the so-called ‘content industry’ will try its best to prevent you from migrating your blu-ray/hd-dvd content to your 300TB hard drive.

  2. Could you imagine Blu Ray turning out this way? I expect hard drive technology will force the disc pushers to commit to bold moves, but hopefully they won’t be along the lines of TripleII’s post because I don’t believe I could acquiesce to such measures. I’d rather keep my money than be bullied by a Blu Ray player if that were the case.

    I went to Blu-ray.com to read about the internet connection requirement and lo and behold:

    Will Blu-ray require an Internet connection?

    No, you will not need an Internet connection for basic playback of Blu-ray movies. The Internet connection will only be needed for value-added features such as downloading new extras, watching recent movie trailers, web browsing, etc. It will also be required to authorize managed copies of Blu-ray movies that can be transferred over a home network.

    PS3! Why do you look so terrible???

  3. You didn’t happen to skim through this, did you?

    I think at some point, this whole thing will come to a head, someone will come up with a smarter way of distributing this content. Until then, we’ll live in a world of absurd possible measures that they can never use for fear of alienating their customers, and of pirates cracking DRM and ripping movies and generally allowing computers to do what they do by nature: copy information.

  4. I took the liberty to fix that broken link.

    Also, about those solid state drives: Future of Flash revealed

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