I Run

Arg, my running now demands crosstraining. I grant that I am but a beginner in the world of running, but I believe I am to the point where listening to my body is a priority. The good people of the YMCA do not have much advice to offer for those interested in running, leaving me in the troublesome position of trial and error. In doing so I have experienced small setbacks…well maybe one setback summed into two words: Shin splint. Luckily I stopped running before I suffered a real shin splint, but I do not regret my blind and feeble beginnings as they’ve only made me incredibly worried. The merciless pains which emanated from my shins…never again!

Thankfully, now all I need to do is find a happy balance between the muscles of the front and the back of my legs. Swimming will have to be out. Why? Well, during the short, furious spring and summer months, when the sun reigns over the scorched earth and the mosquitos visit the city, only the brave willingly enter swimming pool locker rooms. Once inside, these hardy souls can only sit back and watch as their very bodies become pillaged by the advances of hordes of mosquitos…some small…some obscenely large. Their ranks quickly coat the walls in a show of force, daring you to smash them…. OMG! Those bastards! Yea, DEET, but those little creeps get on your nerves after a while. I can’t begin to describe the despair when you enter those little changing rooms only to find the massive buggers waiting for you…laughing as you close the door. Did I mention warts? Ear infections? Swimming in human waste? I’ve done it all damn you! Damn you Confederation Pool…for ruining my romantic world of swimming!

Now I remember why I started weight training….


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