I apologize for the lack of posts. My sleepless nights weigh heavily upon my conscious mind and it is under this dreary spell that I am strangely compelled to write this. Now, where was I? Right. DVDs. Did you know that there are four classes of DVDs? The first class DVDs comprise of the DVDs you’d trust your data to while the third and fourth class DVDs are the ones you should break out as coffee coasters somewhere.

Suddenly curious as to how one figures out which DVDs belong to which class? If that is the case, you should read digitalFAQ.com’s Blank media quality guide & FAQ.

How did I come to be aware of this? I was concerned about DVD quality when I pulled up an old DVD of mine from a few months ago only to find that it no longer worked. So…*Google, blop, beep, bop, zoop, geek*. When I bought a spindle of Taiyo Yuden DVDs I did not expect to notice any differences between it and the third class DVDs that I usually used; but when I popped a freshly burned TY DVD into my laptop I noticed that the drive spun the disc with less intensity! This “intensity” may not mean much to you out there, but to me, it means my laptop does not sound like a weed whacker. Also, I’ve burned a good batch of TY DVDs and yet to experience a failed burn.


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