Monthly Archives: November 2006


Ever have one of those days when your meal is so bad that it leaves you no choice but to question your way of life?  I’m telling ya – free advice – to never eat dry fried rice…EVER.  I now understand how bad food can ruin a good mood and I hate the man who dared to put his hands on the holy wok to create this mess of despair he calls BBQ Fried Rice.  LIFE!  This bad food has only led me to believe that you have yet to reveal yourself!  Yet…if bad food has opened my eyes…will another plate of bad food have the same effect?  If I can make it!  PROTON CANNON!


Battle Stadium DON

Argh, while trolling through EO in my search for good video game picks for the holidays I have discovered Battle Stadium DON for the Playstation 2. Imagine Super Smash Bros except the characters are from DBZ, Naruto, and One Piece. Unfortunately it appears to have been released only in Japan so there isn’t much I can do but hope it will be brought over. Until then, perhaps you too will enjoy a few links to see what DOM is about:

Supreme Commander