New Mobo/CPU

I’ve tried to see what sort of upgrades I can make to my old PC to keep it up-to-date. It currently uses the old socket motherboard for the older Pentium 4 CPU and, as I have come to realise, is pretty cheap. The same can be said of my 300W power supply unit, unfortunately. So, I have spotted the following parts from Memory Express:

  • Intel Core™2 Duo Processor E6600 2.4GHz w/ 4MB Cache – $389.95
  • MSI 975X Platinum v.2 w/ DualDDR2 800, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit Lan, SATA II, Dual PCI-E x16 – $229.95
  • Corsair 2GB XMS2-5400 TWIN2X Dual Channel DDR2 Kit (2 x 1GB) – $329.95
  • Enermax Liberty Modular Power Supply, 500W – $129.95

After receiving these new parts, I would generally follow the DIY TH guide for assembling a PC. Now the only puzzle that emerges from this seemingly simple upgrade is that, according to the Motherboard Forumz of Tom’s Hardware, a repair install will likely be necessary to make the OS functional. Other than the small, small hurdle of finding a WinXP Home CD for this “repair install”, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing else left to cover – other than the $1200 price tag.

Argh, this reminds me of the Futureshop salesman who sold the PC to me with the pitch that the unit would keep up with the technological advances for a long while. The only part of my PC that has kept up with the “technological advances” is the case. 300W!?! I suppose I can reuse it to make a budget computer later on.


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