The Brave Who Dive Head First

I do not like Motley Fool, but the site can occasionally provide a link that leads to something interesting. This time I found a link to, which is a blog of “a 24-year-old aspiring real estate investor from Sacramento CA.” Unfortunately, according to the Fool article, the author of is down two million dollars and has decided to share his aftermath in a blog. Though I share many of the sentiments posted by iamfacingforeclosure’s anonymous blog readers, you still have to credit the man for his daring. Sure, he likely duped the banks for his start-up capital, ruined his future, and left himself at the mercy of unforgiving blog roamers, but he still has his life dammit.  Who knows?  Perhaps the man will turn his fortunes around.

Maybe not.  My bet is he’s screwed.  The entire story and blog is like a terrible car crash. I’m just thankful I decided to take my stock enthusiasm slowly. Hurray for simulations!

By the way, I put up a link to the stock contest and my new VSE portfolio for convenience. Enjoy!


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