Monthly Archives: September 2006


Such skillz! Must…try… Ikaruga.

Also, which game is this?

Lastly, I think this is by far the best game music video I have seen.



Rumour has it that the next episode of Naruto will be the end of the filler episodes.  It is expected to be hosted by a long neglected character in a one hour special.

VSE Marketwatch

The horror! It appears my VSE game has been bombed, leaving me portfolio-less. Though the game involved nothing more than imaginary credits, it felt good sitting on the top 900 over 12000+ people. I suppose I will have to make my own portfolio again at some later date.

Miser’s Blaze

“For the love of God, don’t mix OJ and cranberry.”


I did it anyway.


Odd, isn’t it? A voice inside my mind with crystal clarity asks…no…begs me not to mix cranberry and OJ. Madness? Perhaps. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this voice. It holds all of my preferences to heart. At this very moment it wonders whether that old, faded Garfield poster from elementary school should still be taped on my wall. I wonder that as well.


By the way, OJ and cranberry mixed together looks unpleasant.


Oh, tired…nap?