Wireless Xcessories Group, Inc.


Once again, another stock that I’m interested in. The XWG chart (Google) reveals that the stock has taken quite a tumble from its 52-week high of $14.70 and is currently valued at $3.45. According to XWG’s financial statements (Google), the company has enjoyed good income growth since 2000; however, recent corrections of the company’s earnings expectations have resulted in a significant drop in share price.

Table One*:

Time 12 months Ending 2005-12-31 12 months Ending 2004-12-31 12 months Ending 2003-12-31 12 months Ending 2002-12-31 12 months Ending 2001-12-31 12 months Ending 2000-12-31
Income Before Tax 2.30 1.01 -0.16 -0.54 -2.85 1.40
Income Before Tax % Change 127.7% 731.25% 70.3% 81% -303.5%  
Stock Price % Change 162.5% 326.6% 90.5% 15.4% -74% -96.5%

*The Income Before Tax figures are from Google and are in millions.

XWG‘s management effectiveness figures look good and the cell phone sector still has room to move (I think so).

Yahoo’s profile of XWG:

Wireless Xcessories Group, Inc. distributes cellular telephone accessories and components to dealers, distributors, retailers, agents, and airtime carriers in the United States and Canada. It provides a series of cases, vehicle power adapters, hands free headsets, IPod accessories, batteries, antennas, and various accessories for personal digital assistants, as well as entertainment accessories, such as headsets and chargers for MP3 players. In addition, the company offers airtime carrier phone and accessories compatible charts, email blast management programs, customized retail packaging, in store displays and posters, sales training materials, and e-commerce Web sites that allow its customers to offer products line to their end users.

Cell phone accessories change with the different models that are released all the time. When one has to buy a new phone…buy new accessories…. Hell, what do I know.


4 responses to “Wireless Xcessories Group, Inc.

  1. I recently found an article ,written by Rich Smith of The Motley Fool, which mentions XWG. This may not mean much in terms of whether or not the stock will move as I expect, but I am somewhat reassured knowing that I’m not alone on this one.

    Also, MarketWatch provides very good charts.

  2. Why do you keep changing stylesheets?!?!?!1/1

  3. I’m enjoying a stylesheet buffet to sample the themes that are available. Sorry, it’s probably a little odd if not annoying. I’ll be sticking with this theme though.

  4. A surprising 13% spike in XWG today. I can only imagine the collective headscratching of the company’s shareholders as they all ponder the reason behind the rise. Of course, the rise can be followed by a decline to $3.15/share, as was the case back in August. We shall see.

    Yahoo! XWG Quote

    Yahoo! XWG Message Board

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