The Stock Contest!

Hello! Once again I have set up a contest with the StocksQuest stock simulator. The round will begin on 31 August 2006 and will end in one year’s time. Each player will start with $5000 and will be allowed to purchase U.S. stocks with a value of at least $1 or more. Those who are interested are invited to email me for the name and password of the contest. The winner can wallow in his abstract success.

Here are the general rules to the contest.


3 responses to “The Stock Contest!

  1. Can I base all my decisions exclusively on the spam I get?

  2. If your spam is anything like the spam I receive, I’m not sure how you would go about investing in “horny wives.” Sounds like a painful condition…alright, cheezy joke, I know.

  3. The following links should be useful for those who are interested in playing:

    You can find links to these sites under the links page as well.

    I like to use the following sites to glean information on stocks: – I like the charts here – Good financials info and links – Stock Screener – SEC filings – good for ratios

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