Greetings fellow law-abiding drivers of the world! Have you ever become frustrated at the sight of a speeding lunatic who blazes down the road at speeds that were never meant to grace any road? Well, here is my solution! When you see a half-crazed, drooling lunatic barrelling towards you at speeds you dare not consider even during summer months, quickly match speeds with another law-abiding driver alongside you to form a terrible barrier of justice. When you see these maniacs disregard school zone signs, ped signs, and speed limit signs, it only confirms their complete, absolute arrogance. Let these people know that it does not matter if they are driving in their new Ford F-150, Subaru Impreza, or Chevrolet Malibu because street racing, speeding, or any other half-baked, dangerous activity on the road is not tolerated! Let them eat your dust the only way you can!

Join with your brothers and sisters in the anti-speeding movement and crush these oppressive speed junkies. There’s a time and place for such activities and a school zone is not one of them!


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