What is second base in love

I, of all people, am not qualified to explain English slang terms. Nonetheless, there are lost souls out there who somehow wander into my blog seeking an answer to the above question and I feel I must at least make an attempt. Here goes *ahem*: This is my second base…as a military installation, as a foundation, and perhaps as a terrible mess of words which form the basis of my conjecture.

Now, what is second base in love? Well, the second base is defined by MastePlan in the Urban Dictionary as:


1) The second of four bases (including home plate) in the game of baseball.
2) Many argue the status of this base in terms of sexual engagement. Some believe it is intense feeling, while others believe it is a handjob/ fingering. Take your pick.

1) Johnson reached second after pounding a double up the middle. He gave a two finger salute to the crowd, acknowledging his 300th hit.
2) Johnson reached second with his two finger salute pounding up the middle.

That said, I am not sorry for my misleading title. Damn innuendo.


One response to “What is second base in love

  1. WTF that wasn’t at all the answer I was looking for…

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