Investment in Pain

You can’t say I didn’t show love…if love is sharing one’s risky stock picks…. Anyhow, behold the Fonar Corporation, responsible for bringing to you the mighty Stand-Up/Upright MRI. This Upright MRI is claimed to be the only MRI which can properly assess back-pain related problems (article). As a total newbie to all worlds, I look at this product and the whole story appears to make sense. If you have a back-pain related problem and you lay down for your MRI, the problems are not as apparent as they would be on an Upright MRI. Fine. So what’s the problem?

Well, Fonar’s stock (Nasdaq:FONR) has been downtrodden for a good long while now, currently resting at $0.39. At this point in time the primary fear of both stockholders and side-liners (yay!) is that Fonar may be delisted. There are two ways for a stock to be delisted: the company breaks the rules, or it can’t make money. Sadly, with the downtrend and a spell of low profits, the picture on Fonar looks terrible, no? Perhaps, but as anyone can point out at first glance, Fonar competes against the likes of GE and Siemens. These playmates aren’t exactly the kind you’d like to hang out with willingly. Of course, there is a boundary between noting the painfully obvious and using it as an excuse, but I do not believe FONR has abused that boundary (have I?).

Playmates aside, FONR holds a monopoly on its Upright MRI and, as far as I can tell, has one solid product that fulfils a public need.


One response to “Investment in Pain

  1. This is a link to Google News concerning FONR.

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