Pity the fool who claims invincibility. When that man finally gets sick he'lll know pain for all its worth! I've been writhing in my sick bed for the better part of this week with a twisted combination of fever and flu. On the first day of my viral pounding I thought I was beginning to recover and promptly concluded that even if I wasn't invincible I could still pimp slap viruses in a single day. It was likely at that moment when I heard a loud booming voice, detached from its body, cry out "Lets get ready to rummmmble!" that fever and flu decided to take me down. Even though I am starting to recover from this abominable tag team crush of symptoms I'm essentially confined to enjoying water.

In this demented state I decided, upon hearing that the stock market entered a massive slump, to begin my search for fresh opportunities. The markets are down and nothing is happening so the time is good for shoppin'. Here I found a company called Nexia Biotechnologies Inc., based out of Montreal, which hit the news (bbc) for breeding goats with spider genes. With a little hope, these goats would be expected to produced webs capable of being processed into Biosteel. Pretty wild, huh? Looks like money, right? Oddly enough, according to the Nexia website:

On March 7, 2005, Nexia's, shareholders approved the sale of substantially all its operations and assets related to ProtexiaR to PharmAthene (, a privately held biotechnology company focused on the development of biodefense therapeutics, based in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.

The transaction was completed on March 14, 2005.

Later, on 21 March 2006, according to the CNW Group website, Nexia halts the trade of its shares.

What happened? It appeared that a good, widely applicable future technology began to take root in Montreal, so why did it end up going south so quietly? If you check out the R & D section of the PharmAthene site, a good deal of talent went along with Nexia's decision to sell ProtexiaR. So, anyone know any details related to transgenic products with respect to goats? Or the feasibility of Biosteel? Even if Nexia's goats were not able to produce webs that were of acceptable quality shouldn't there have been some effort to keep the innovation within Canada?

Moreover, it looks like there was some razing action. 


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