I’m back.

Been a while, huh? I could share with you my great and perilous adventures but I somehow believe that they are probably not worth chattering about in the near future…or ever. However, I will note that Calgary is a very hot place. All of those summer wears and skirts floating in the air can really bring a greater appreciation for summer breezes.

I’m kidding, of course I love the summer breezes.

Another bit about spring/summer wear is that it’s always good to see girls walking around in those pretty shoes that look more like pieces of string laced together. When you see them get their feet stepped on in the bus or the Ctrain you can’t help but laugh. Even the victims of such situations can’t help laughing either. Nevertheless! Those lacy shoes are still good looking if you ask me.

I better get steppin’, plenty of things to do and I’m pretty tired. Damn human frailty never ceases to shadow me.

This article of how a person was trapped in her own sunbed was incredibly amusing. I never imagined the possibility, but now that it has actually happened the seriousness of the situation takes away the laughs.


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