Monthly Archives: May 2006

A Private War

More die in fresh Brazil violence

Well, I thought I was so original if I'd make a load of money and run down to South America to begin a private war. I guess I can go back to the drawing board knowing that the world has stolen my thoughts…. But in this instance it appears that the organised violence began from the jails rather than from a mysterious private party who operated from the shadows while fueling an odd but dangerous public parade. Nevertheless, in all seriousness, what is going on in Brazil is simply terrible and somewhat expected. When you can buy specialised insurance for the possibility of becoming a victim of kidnapping you can probably guess where you may end up in a week. Moreover, I was under the impression that the police and kidnapping gangs were literally at war with each other already.

Of course, I could still have my flame jets installed down there….

Where else shall I set my eyes upon?


Sleeping Slowly

I slept…terribly. I laid in bed for what seemed to be an eternity…. Somewhere in the vicinity of 4:00 AM I gave up all hopes of slumber to sit upright in meditation. Er, right…by then the air was cold and my body creaked louder than the house. It wasn't till 5:30 AM when the birds began chirping that I found my wretched, miserable self resting in bed, clinging to some abject hope of a dream. With the unshakable belief that those birds just woke up I became very envious of their successful evening – if sleep does make an evening successful anyhow. So what did I do? I trudged on! I fell fast asleep, had a dream, and woke up at around 7:30 AM. I felt pretty good, considering I spent most of the night restless. Then it hit me: what if I dreamt of trying to sleep? You thought nightmares could be bad, but dreaming of trying to sleep is the beginning of the real freaky if you ask me.

You could have fallen asleep at midnight in reality, but your new prison will be dreaming of being awake for the next 8 hours! What do you call that? Delicious. The problem? I don't deserve that! Mercy! Any fool should breakdown and run for his life if that's going to be his dream for all time. Pity the fool! Who else suffered? Who else shared my pain!?! I can only try to match the sheer will of career men and women who wake up 4:00 AM to begin their battles, but what is left for a man who doesn't sleep? What is left!?! STELLA!!!

Now…EN GARDE! I may not read it at all, but damn you Sleeplessness, don't make me use this!