Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter follows a boy named Gon as he travels across the world in search of his unknown father. Gon, under the care of his aunt Mita, begins with little knowledge of his parents. When Gon encounters a Hunter in a forest he discovers that his father is another legendary Hunter named Jin Freaks – by the way this will lead to spoiling a small part of the anime. When he asks his aunt of his father it is discovered that Freaks spent a lot of time away from home on his Hunter journeys and did not care for Gon properly. Gon’s aunt, aware of Jin’s Hunter habits, went to court and gained custody of Gon. After learning all of this, Gon decides to become a Hunter himself in order to seek out his father.

Aunt Mita, knowing that Gon wishes to seek out his father, allows him to take the Hunter exam. This sounds straightforward, until the exams actually begin. In the world of Hunter X Hunter, nature is a voracious force. There are beasts capable of transforming themselves into other forms in order to trick their prey, poisonous bugs, gigantic bears, and who knows what else is to come? While Gon participates in the exams, his fellow Hunter wannabes slowly decrease in number as they succumb to the powers of nature. This wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t distinctly aware that a 12 year old child is winning against full grown adults in trials of life and death. Men getting eaten alive by whatever creature happens to be walking in the area, murdered by sadicious fellow examinees, and killed by traps, these trials are nightmarish!

Now it could be said that this sounds very similar to Naruto. But while Naruto was caught up in trials in order to train him as a tool of war, becoming a Hunter is another story. According to bits and pieces of what the characters of Hunter X Hunter share, becoming a Hunter will allow one to travel throughout the world unhindered, use local facilities for free, access information more readily, and participate in lucrative contracts. If you ask me, this sounds like joining the muscle branch of an underground, secret organisation. Well, now it all seems perfectly clear, Gon’s gone and involved himself with the mob.

Since Gon’s aunt took him away from his father through the courts, couldn’t Gon simply ask his aunt for his father’s mailing address? Track down the local lawyer who was responsible for the case? Buy a plane ticket??

Don’t get me wrong, this way seems a little more exciting. But, while Naruto, Ash, and all those other main characters pursue their goals which appear to be “above board,” Gon looks like he’s going down the road of a professional hitman. Soldier of fortune or tool of war for the state, I’m not sure which sounds better.


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