With a couple of dogs running around the house more frequently than having no dogs to begin with, anti-bacterial products seem a little more useful than before. To discover another dog’s worth of hair jammed into the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner makes me wonder what else have my dogs unleashed. But, while I was walking through the cold, brightly lit aisles of Staples, I stumbled upon the oddest pen. It’s called the FlexGrip Elite, a Papermate pen that does look a tad inconspicuous save for the large sticker: ‘with Anti-Bacterial Pen Protection.’ I must have scanned the entire package for what seemed to be a few more moments while I tried to grasp why such a terrible pen existed.

Certainly people would like to be neat and orderly while going about their business, I can understand that. But, unless I so happened to drop my pen into an aquarium or a pile of poop, I don’t think the cleanliness of my writing utensil is going to be a high priority. Most pens come by the dozen so if you don’t like where one has been and you aren’t particularly attached to it, the act of replacing that one pen is simple. If so much concern can be mustered for the cleanliness of a pen, perhaps some more attention is needed for the hands. Why not buy some of that Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer? Just rub that stuff on your pen while you’re at it.

Also, I’m not quite sure how the anti-bacterial feature for a pen is supposed to work, but I have seen anti-bacterial dishwashing gloves in action. If you ever have the fortune of sticking a brand new pair of these gloves into an aquarium you can tell something’s sloughing off the rubber surface. I don’t think that’s much fun if the same were to happen with an anti-bacterial pen. But, even if the anti-bacterial pen does not ‘slough’, bacteria is already everywhere. What’s the point of having an anti-bacterial pen if, for instance, my own immune system cannot handle the bacteria? Then I’d be thinking about more serious matters rather than how clean my damn pen is. I’d probably want to use it to write out a quick will somewhere on my body or a piece of paper. I’d probably jot something like ‘Avenge me!’ So long as the pen can write that down we’re fine, right?


2 responses to “Anti-Bacterial

  1. anti-bacterial products seem a little more useful than before

    I hate to get off onto a rant here, but, unless you’re talking about alcohol-based hand sanitizers like the one you linked to, anti-bacterial soaps are never — repeat, never — more useful than regular soap.

    Regular soap, if used properly, is intended to remove dirt (or grime or whatever you call it) from your hands. Moreover, it decreases friction which allows bacteria to cling to your hands, and encourages frictionous rubbing which dislodges the bacteria from your hands to be washed down the drain.

    Killing the bacteria at this point is, at the least, useless. On top of that, you’re exposing yourself to the byproducts of the chemical agents (ie. antimicrobial compounds) that are used in these soaps. On top of that, you’re exposing the environment to the antimicrobial compounds, and encouraging resistances to antimicrobials to develop. Which doesn’t matter in common bacteria unless the resistance is transferred to pathogenic bacteria.

    Bottom line, stop buying the anti-bacterial soap! (Assuming that the pen works the same way, I’d suggest not wasting your money on that as well.)

    Oh, and why’d you move?

  2. Don’t worry, I’m not a fan of anti-bacterial products. My place can only provide ordinary soap products. As for the anti-bacterial gloves, they’re in use because they’re thicker than ordinary gloves, the anti-bacterial feature is an unwelcome add-on. I just dislike how some people can be so fixated on ‘anti-bacteria’ labelling that they forget why they need the product in the first place.

    When I saw the anti-bacterial pen I was somewhat disappointed at Papermate. Obviously they believe that there is a market for such pens and I’m not impressed that they would bother with a venture to prey upon customers.

    As for moving, I just thought I would give WordPress a try. Seems fun.

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